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Polygamy marriage gone wrong or an outside job?

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Polygamy to most is a forgotten word or even topic, people think it doesn’t happen anymore or don’t have much interest in it. If you live in Utah or watched any documentaries related to polygamy in Utah you’ve heard of the Kingston's. They are one of the most well known, powerful polygamy families in Utah. The Kingston family has also been referred to as The Order.

Who are the Kingston Clan? Well, they are perhaps the most wealthy of the fundamentalist Mormon sects. Charles Elden Kingston founded the sect in 1935 after the death of fundamentalist leader Joseph Broadbent. …

Your children won’t be sleeping in your bed until they're 10, co-sleeping is not the end of the world.

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I have always been one for co-sleeping with my kids. I have a 13-year-old that slept in my bed until she was 3, and I now have a 3-year-old that still sleeps with me. When our newest daughter was born we had the debate, co-sleep or use the bassinet. My husband would have rather had the bassinet option but not me.

I truly believe that the bond I have with my children is from co-sleeping with them. I am not a believer in sleep training. …


Johanna Leatherbury was raped, stabbed and shot with no witnesses coming forward for over 40 years.

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I get often asked how I decide which case to write about, and I don’t have a great answer. I look over the cold cases in Utah and some just speak to me, it’s a weird feeling. Maybe this one hit home because I am a female living in Utah and I have daughters, who knows.

This case takes us back to August 1971 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Typically, it's the “perfect weather” season for us Utahns, 80s during the day and 60s at night. …


No witnesses have ever come forward in this cold case.

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It was a crisp morning in January at 6:30 am in 1992, when Debbie who was 15, would say bye to her mother for the last time and head to school at West High and never make it.

Debbie lived in Salt Lake City, Utah with her mother and her mothers friend in a duplex. They had lived there just 4 months before she was murdered. That morning as she left the house there were no reports of a struggle or anyone that saw anything out of the normal.

On January 17th, the day after Debbie went missing, a witness…

There is no easy way to tell this story or even write a subtitle, you’re either going to read it or turn an eye to it like most people do when it comes to rape.

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How do you tell a story like this? What does it take to prompt writing this story? And how the hell do you get the facts out without making people uncomfortable? All of these questions have run through my head since wanting to write about my uncle.

This isn’t my story to tell so with my cousins blessing I will be sharing her story of survival and betrayal at the hands of her biological dad.

How does someone become a rapist? A predator? A normal person that goes down a path that ends with forcing someone to have sex with…

Not all republicans are preaching for violence, civil wars and suggesting the election was rigged. But the ones who are create a divide in America that may be irreversible.

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When I look at what the hell is happening in our country and the divide that we see, I immediately think about my ex-husband’s current wife. We share a daughter together so he and I still have a “relationship” and this includes with his current wife and children. Prior to Trump becoming president, his wife and I had a decent relationship. Here’s a little backstory on her, that might help explain her irrational thoughts.

Darla was raised in Colorado City, Utah. This is home of the Polygamists that follow Warren Jeff’s and still practice plural marriage, underage marriage and incest…

Instagram's idea of self-care is totally different from actual self-care. It’s not a perfect selfie at the gym, it's knowing when to get help.

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Before I started thinking about actual self-care I thought it was getting my hair done or having nice nails, looking good in those “tight” jeans or going on a shopping spree. Those are things that made me feel better about myself in the current moment and honestly not so great when I looked at my bank account after. This isn’t self-care in my opinion, these are small things that make you feel good at that moment. You can look great out on the outside but if you don’t feel great on the inside, are you really taking care of yourself?

Cauliflower has rebranded the face of vegetables, and the health benefits that eating more cauliflower bring you are immeasurable.

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I recently have been looking for ways to take in fewer carbs and still enjoy my meals. I love pasta, bread, rice and anything with carbs! I make amazing homemade breads. I am also over weight and trying to alter my lifestyle to enjoy food while not becoming more obese.

Cauliflower has changed my life although, I was very skeptical at first.

There was no way in hell cauliflower was going to replace rice.

I started with my first recipe of mashed cauliflower with gravy in place of potatoes. While it wasn’t terrible it was definitely not potatoes. …

Her grandmother admitted to drowning the child but later told her parents she was alive and well.

Photo provided by National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (Age Progression of Acacia to Age 11)

This story is one of the more disturbing cases to me, I have a hard time when it comes to stories that involve children. Being a mother of two girls, and one that is the same age as Acacia when she went missing has made this even harder.

This is going to get a little messy as the details are a bit confusing in some parts, but here we go.

Acacia was abducted by her grandmother, 38-year-old Kelley Jean Lodmell, from her great-grandparents’ Salt Lake City, Utah home at 6:00 p.m. on May 25, 2003. …

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